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Building a Healthy Workforce begins with YOU. Commit to Heart Based Service by Learning the Mechanics of  True Healing and Integration 

 You are needed.

Your devotion to your process is the key to living a life of fulfillment

We invite you, no matter what walk of life you choose, to participate in our programs. Our continued effort and guiding light is to enrich medical culture with these wisdom teachings. We feel on aggregate -this is not embraced just yet. We feel it is essential to also not leave anyone out of the holistic healing process that promotes true integration. 

The authenic healing process requires true honest Peer to Peer Guidance and the value of your journey and experience. 

What is Integration Mentoring? 

A level of self-mastery and healing within the self which permanently prepares you to serve in your optimal state. A way of service that opens the portal for the maximum level of healing for both the self and the other.

Integration Mentors have 5 key factors that distinguish themselves from traditional counseling, therapy, or coaching.

1.  Our Mentors have a lived (subjective) experience that they have "integrated" themselves by their COMMITMENT to doing "the work".

2. WE promote a vision of reality that goes beyond what much of society has deemed as "normal" or "acessible"

3. We journey with you to cultivate a mitigated understanding of how patterning is created and roots into habitual behaviour (our shadow) that may be holding us stuck in mind loops.

4. We properly re-connect our head (logic, conscious awareness) masculine energy or what eastern philosophy calls YANG with our heart (pure love and intuitive energy) our feminine energy or YIN (which in a state of short supply) in a unified field of potential rather than a feeling of battle.

5. This form of reuniting fragmented unconsious energy in a purified manner help us balance and show up in clarity with both deep love and wisdom. A true embodied awakening to regenerate our most valuable resources, institutions, and globalscapes. An inside out movement.

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Pure of Heart, Transparent, Spiritually Aligned. 

It is your current expertise, hard-won wisdom and lived experience that are the launching pad for your career as your calling.

We just help you fill in the gaps 

Keep scrolling to learn how to emerge into your fully realized self whether as a catalyst of change in your own right or as a Healing Integration Coach or Evolv Healthcare REP (using your lived experience to catalyze another's growth and potential using your intrinsic wisdom).

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Only you have the understanding of where you have been. This positions you to be the best source of support to your peers to develop futher integration and wisdom. Any type of healthcare/healing arts experience can be your path in to your future coaching career.  A patient, practitioner, healing arts administrator, leader or some intersection are all needed to help up-level the healthcare sytem from the inside out.  By working with us, you join a movement to advocate AND implement healing into the future of medicine. Explore our programs to learn more and find your best fit. 

Evolv is dedicated to do what is neccessary not comfortable to renew our faith and trust in healthcare.


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Where Collaboration and Integration Matters

The necessity of modern day healers is incredibly valuable. The aspects of YIN energy to balance a predominantly YANG world is essential for creativity and love to flourish. As we all see, eyes wide open, this is desperately lacking in our current paradigm. Unfortunately many healers connecting to these aspects and depths can have trouble around integrating their work in a healthy way. Often these practitioners aren't allotted the support,  resources, and valigation they deserve. Our healing arts integration courses help the healer to firmly ground their concepts and senses whilst maintaining their gifts and skills. We not only advocate for our healers but we find paths and places for you to optimall practice and be honored for what you bring to the healing process.

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You are our rainbow bridge

A REP is Evolv's agent of change. A rep is an embodied implementor with multidimensional understadning to assist in ensuring the coach or experiencer is a strong valuable member of the team. You oversee and troubleshoot any concerns that the experiencer or team may be having in solidifying the relatioship. You will be a gather of details with a keen eye for synergy. You are a crucial element to us and overall our clients and patients. You are helping ground a new healthcare position!

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Your experience  engenders the future, but for it to truly flower all you can do is be present.


 Expand your vision of what's possible

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